Top 5 Spotify Stats

Spotify has:

  1. About two million songs currently available
  2. The license to add about another four million songs
    (they claim to be adding around 10,000 new tracks a day)
  3. Over 1,000,000 subscribers world-wide
  4. Over 250,000 subscribers in the UK
  5. Over 5,000 record labels on-board
Everybody’s favourite voice: Roberta from Spotify
Sources: Spotify staff recent interviews and publicly available documents. Photo from Flickr
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  • Spookytim

    “ Hi, This Is Roberta From Spotify… We Hope You’re Enjoying The Service As Much As We Enjoy Providing It… I’m Sitting Here In Vintage French Silk Stockings And A Jaunty Hat. That’s All. And I’m Smoking. And I Have Just Dripped Chocolate Sauce All Over My Boobs. Here’s Jim Morrison Again, Sounding Like A Man On The Toilet With A Stressful Backlog To Clear….

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