Organising Spotify Playlists

Spotify’s playlists are one of its hottest killer features, but unfortunately the Spotify app has no easy way to organise them properly: you can move a playlist up and down your list of all playlists, but that’s about it.

Spoty Bill came up with a brilliant workaround: all you need to do is create some empty playlists and rename them to include “ —- “s as separators (see right). You can then use them like visual folders and organise them how you like. For example, I created one called —- My Playists —- to keep my own playlists in, another called —- User Playists —- for lists from other users I like, and one called —- New Albums —- to keep track of new releases.

What a great idea, thanks Bill!

Bill runs one of the better 3rd-party playlist sharing sites, so I upped a few of mine there last night. Some are new comps, some are recreations of 4-track cassette mixes I’ve made over the years. Have a look here: