My Bookcases

Neal Asher has a bookcase thread so I thought I’d add mine to the kipple:

Hallway Bookcase #1

Top shelves for crime and horror, then general literature (OK, that’s the high-brow stuff), then some sci-fi:

Hallway Bookcase #2

Top shelves for humour (and some horror overspill), then more sci-fi:

Bottom shelves for my non-fiction (also a Shakespeare book):

Bedroom Bookcase

You guessed it: more sci-fi (and here’s my Neal Asher collection), also stuff I’m slightly embarassed about (e.g. TV tie-ins, Narnia books from when I was a lad) so I hide them in the bedroom:

And below that, the Pratchett shelf, some Dr. Who novels (EDAs and rare NAs doncha know), and some of my graphic novels: