This is my third Creative MP3 player – I’ve had a Zen NX, then a Zen Vision:M and I now have a 32 GB Zen like this:

I use it exclusively for music, and I like to have a large library of tunes with me so I was particularly sold on this one as it has an SD slot for extra memory. Unfortunately, this works like a mounted disk o’ files: the Zen won’t read MP3 tags from it or integrate it into the Music library. So, you need to navigate through the directory structure to play your tracks.

I also miss the touch pad of the Vision:M – this Zen’s buttons are a bit clickity-click: click down one by one or hold the button to zoom so fast I keep on overshooting what I’m looking for. I’d expected the touch pad to be replaced with a touch screen interface instead of these noisy buttons.

I’m still a Creative fan though – it’s a tiny device with a fantastic screen, the firmware’s fine (if a bit laggy at times, more so than the Vision:M), and the SD slot is still a great addition.

Rating: 7/10