Entropically Yours….

The new Pansentient release Entropically Yours…. phish pre-order:


God knows if that’s the final track listing or album artwork.

  • Krush Bros.

    Looks so nicey though, I can’t wait before thousand more years (laugh)

  • Afront

    From Krush Bros’ bloggie via Babel Fish:

    Being managed リミックスサイト The of HUMAN, LEAGUE Pansentient LEAGUE very in Blog of English Afront which receives comment in the past this Blog the attractive item. However we would like to procure, it cannot wait 1000, (laughing: To the last being to be the joke & joke, that you do not believe, we ask)

    In ↓ England as for the introduction page by Afront as for HUMAN LEAGUE up-to-date コンピレーション which yesterday really release is done this (this): (original remixes review)

    Thanks Krush Bros!

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