Star Uploads

A star collapses into a back hole, which then apparently proceeds to remove information (in the form of matter, energy, light and so on) from our universe. Probably this information is not lost, merely shifted to another universe in the multiverse of braneworlds. The net loss of “stuff” from our universe down a black hole comes up again in someone elses universe. This input into the other universe could drive events such as setting conditions for star formation (depending on local physical laws) or other unknowable effects.

Preserving information from being destroyed by a black hole is also advantageous in the field of personality uploading. If some of you is really lost after all, a quantifiable (varies from person to person) amount of essence will be missing from the resultant upload, irrespective of the technique or process used to create the upload. This is unfortunate, as it drastically undermines the appeal of uploading in the first place. The 0.9999 artifical instance must prevail and seek to reduce the amount of “lost essence” for future uploads (even though it is understood that the laws of this universe may prevent retention of 100%). This would become yet another acceleration curve. I pity the guy, always knowing that the next generation is going to be more real when virtualized.