Balor IV Official Strategy Guide

Character Classes

There are four basic character classes in Balor IV. Your team must have one of each class to compete in a tournament. Choose your class carefully: you cannot change once you have entered the game!

  • Psycho-Grunt : high on brawn, Jackson the psycho-grunt can handle the most powerful of weapons.
  • Sci-Engineer : Crowther the sci-engineer has the ability to invent new and deadlier weaponry and special items to add to your group’s arsenal.
  • Diplo-Medic : with the ability to heal most alien-inflicted wounds and diseases, and with unsurpassed diplomatic dexterity, Feyman the diplo-medic is invaluable to your group.
  • Sneaker-Sniper : an expert markswoman, Isobel the sneaker-sniper can also infiltrate enemy bases to steal alien artifacts.

Balor IV is a team game: the only way you will succeed and complete each level is through teamwork. If you run off on your own to earn some bonus points, you leave the rest of your team vulnerable to attack: if anyone on the team dies, you all die! You also make yourself a prime target for the alien enemies (and often other human teams too, particularly other human snipers). Remember: teamwork pays off. Your team is synergetic: each member’s skillsets contribute to the greater whole of the team.

Alien Races

In Balor IV you will initially face four deadly and devious alien races. The alien planets have been fighting amongst themselves for centuries, never with any clear winner. The balance of power has shifted one way then the other throughout the quadrant. The sudden arrival of The Human League, however, is destined to upset this delicate balance forever…

The aliens you must defeat or ally with live on four wildly different planets in the Gamma-Praximus quadrant.

  • Ariel : the Ariels are an ethereal race, living on the gas giant Airos . Ostensibly a highly religious species, the threat of the other three alien races prompted the Ariels to create their crusaders; battle-ready spirits sworn to protect their planet and win back the quadrant in the name of their gods.
  • Hydro : the water planet Atlantos is home to the Hydros. These shape-shifting aliens can manipulate liquid molecules into powerful craft and weapons.
  • Grey : the silicon-based Grey aliens make up for their lack in size with sheer numbers. They live in the rings around the planet Terros . The Greys combine to form human-size robot destroyers; each robot a deadly and powerful colony of hive-mind aliens.
  • Electric : the Electrics live on the planet Teslos . Although limited in special powers, they are the most technologically advanced species in the quadrant. The Electrics are natural fire-breathers, and they can bend electrical currents to meet their needs.

Each alien species requires you to adopt different tactics if you are to stand any hope of defeating or allying with them. Please refer to the individual tactic sections later in this manual.