StarForce – Rules of Play Excerpt

The Human League is considered to be wavering and fractionated, and until it is committed, its forces and systems are inoperative and do not count towards victory…

…After the First Stellar Peace, and more so after the formation of the Pan Sentient League, the three races found that they could with little difficulty share psionic impressions, use common Data Display visuals, communicate psionically, and mix crews. Humans and LChal-Dah have even been able to initiate Telesymbiosis with Rame psuedo-organic Gnostechs…

Special Rules: The Human League Force may make one free Stellar shift prior to the beginning of the first Game-Turn.

… The PSL temporarily lapsed when the Pan-Human hegemony rose to power again in two systems. The Rame and L’Chal-Dah pulled out of the PSL, while the other human systems remained neutral. The conclusion of this war saw the end of intra-sphere rivalries. The Pansentient League was re-established with unanimity.

[ excerpts from StarForce – Rules of Play by Redmond A. Simonsen ]

  • Anonymous

    Excellent! I remember having this game as a child (a shame really, I took a short, abortive trip down the wargames path instead of trying D&D, all the years of geekery I missed!) and I KNEW the term “Human League” was mentioned in there.

    I thought there was some mention of a “Pan-Human Hegemony” too, but I don’t find any links for that on the web. Amazing that you actually mentioned the very game I was thinking of related to the Human League!

  • Afront

    Hi, The Pan-Human Hegemony were indeed a faction in the game; rising with the Pan-Sentient League and the Human League just before “the first interstellar peace”.

    Following the successful revolt of Epsilon Eridani (2405 A.D.), the Solar Hegemony collapsed and was replaced by the Pan-Human Hegemony (PHH). The PHH was still Sol-oriented, although not as much as the older Solar Hegemony. However, a still more
    frontier-oriented society, the Human League (HL), arose and challenged the PHH by seizing Epsilon Indi (which has no StarGate in this scenario).

    boardgamegeek has some great StarForce resources btw.

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