Memetic Growth 0.242

The Pansentient League requires new methods of communication. Consequently, the League seeded the Internet several months ago to facilitate these channels. Here is how they are currently getting on:

Growing Internet Memes

These four words originated from the Pansentient League are beginning to grow into healthy looking weblets. Ask google:

  1. Pansentient = 28 counts (-3 prior existing hits)
  2. Multifrantic = 15 counts (EXCLUSIVE new seed!)
  3. Paramementic = 13 counts (EXCLUSIVE new seed!)
  4. Synthoramic = 3 counts (EXCLUSIVE new seed!)

Note google suggestion for multifrantic is multifront. This is opposed to A front.

Remaining Googlewhacks

These two have yet to take off:

New Seeds

This one only recently mutated, possibly from machine to maching (one char replication error) as interpreted by proprietory google language filters for Videomach.

  • Vidmash [ Create synthoramic augmented reality space for sharing with like-minded friends ]