Fantasy League League

The Human League Reflection is scattered across time, space, and record labels. Consequently, acquiring a full appreciation of their multiplex message is harder to achieve. Thankfully, the Pansentient League is here to help with some sorting and taxonomy.

There are two rules to the League Fantasy League:

  1. Buy the CDs (and vinyl if necessary) to play
  2. Create any team not currently available (e.g. due to record label discontinuity)

The first game is Human United vs. Pansentient Presenters. The winning hegemony will go on to the next stage.

Team #1:

Human League – Reflections

  1. I Don’t Depend on you
  2. Rock Me Again (x6)
  3. Don’t You Know I Want You
  4. Money
  5. Party
  6. Love on the Run
  7. Mister Moon and Mister Sun
  8. Houseful of Nothing
  9. Cruel Young Lover
  10. Rebound
  11. A Doorway?


12. Words
13. The Stars are Going Out
14. The Snake
15. Reflections
16. You’ll Be Sorry


Note track number for “Rebound” is to be confirmed. “Money” is exclusive to the US release, replaced by “Words” on the European version. R.O.W. has the extra track “Don’t You Want Me (Snap Remix)”.

Team #2:

Pansentient League – Re-flections

  1. I Don’t Depend on you (EMP 12″ Mix)
  2. A Doorway? (KWD Extended ReVersion)
  3. Shameless (Audacity vs EMP Mix)
  4. One Man in My Heart (Freezepop cover)
  5. Brute (Visitation Mix by The Visitor)
  6. You’ll Be Sorry (Audacity Mix)
  7. The Stars are Going Out (Live Remix)
  8. ? (Ex Rental Mix)
  9. ? (Electroluvs Mix)
  10. ? (EMP Mix)
  11. Dance Like a Star (Linnstrumental Version)

The Pansentient League has no subs.

Winners to play: Human League Hegemony – “Three Humans (The Ballads)” (enhanced CD).