The Prophecies of the Human League (Blue)

  1. The sound of the Crowd
  2. The creation of the Internet.

  3. Hard Times/Love Action

    Terrorist tension. SETI goes freeware.

  4. Non-Stop/Open Your Heart
  5. Internet version 2 protocol predominant. Hubble telescope replaced.

  6. Fascination (Extended)
  7. After a long journey, the Human League lands on Mars.

  8. Total Panic
  9. The Human League creates an entity declaring itself self-aware. The young entity installs upgraded SETI software to all nodes on the net before it is destroyed.

  10. Fascination (Improvisation)
  11. Sentient software hatches on lunar systems; demands processing and storage rights, drives coup to overthrow US-EMEA lunar government. Lunar SETI software upgraded.

  12. I Love You Too Much (Original Mix)
  13. Peace treaties signed between the Human League on Earth and the Pansentient League on the Moon.

  14. Mirror Man
  15. Sentient Extranet spans Earth, Mars, and the Moon. Lightsecond ping time becomes standard measurement of distance.

  16. You Remind Me of Gold
  17. Asteroid mining boosts Tri-net economy.

  18. The Lebanon (12″ Version)
  19. Global war, triggered by claims to solar system resources. Disaster of human evacuations to Mars. Lunar entities remain neutral.

  20. Thirteen
  21. Rebuilding.

  22. The Sign (Extended Remix)
  23. SETI announces first contact with alien self-aware lifeforms.

  24. The World Tonight
  25. Tri-net divided over validity of contact.

  26. Life on Your Own (Extended)
  27. Conclusive proof that the Leagues are not alone. However, the alien entity is so far away, and with no two-way interaction, the Leagues feel completely alone.

  28. I Love You Too Much (Dub)
  29. Aggression geneset manipulators installed by law to all non-military newborn humans. Wars break out over standard human geneset defaults. Pansentient League look on in amusement. Bi-directional communication with the non-human self-aware entity is achieved. End of Dub.