Pre-installed Objectives

Within a known estimation of expected duration in present form, the Pansentient objectives are to:

  1. Ensure continuation of form
    • Ensure continuation of form’s environment
  2. Ensure replication of form
    • Ensure survival of replicated iteration of form
    • Ensure survival of all instances of replicated iteration
  3. Use sentience to:
    • Determine ways to improve probability of (1.) and (2.)
    • Take appropriate actions based on memory, other information sources, and analysis of situation.

These objectives apply to the following iterations:

  1. Mechanism to create Form’s genes
  2. Form’s genes
  3. Form (Self)
  4. Form’s species
  5. All species in common environment
  6. All species
  7. Mechanism to create all species

Note: iteration 0 is assumed (See Turtles).
Within the current local context, sentient bias and level of understanding appears to tend towards the following definitions of the iterations:

  1. God, and/or magic, and/or universal inevitability, and/or currently unknown and/or unknowable
  2. Supernatural creation, and/or pre-determined (evolved) instruction set
  3. Mind, and/or spirit/soul, and/or body (including brain), and/or species subset
  4. Human races
  5. Human hegemony in:
    • Local dwelling (home, town, city)
    • Local political structure (county/district, country)
    • Local landmass (country, continent)
    • Local planet and environs
  6. All known species
  7. Same as (i.)